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Custom Coaching with Vanguard Endurance

As a life long professional endurance sports coach I have always taken immense pride in seeing the athletes I work with succeed at the highest level.

Now as the lead coach of a professional team of athletes and coaches it is my goal to follow science based best practice models to ensure success at the highest levels of endurance sport.

Justin Trolle – Bphed

Vanguard Endurance – Director & Lead Coach

USA Triathlon Level 3 Coach

Elite Coach Educator & Mentor


Vanguard Endurance – Athlete Commitment:

At Vanguard Endurance, we always strive for excellence, If your goal is high performance we welcome you. Our mission extends far beyond mere coaching; it is a commitment to foster an environment that inspires and supports individual growth, athletic success, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our core principles that underscore our commitment to your development are:

-> Personalized Coaching: We recognize that each athlete is unique, possessing distinct strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Our coaching approach is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that every training session is purposeful and aligned with your goals.

-> Cutting-Edge Training Methodologies: It’s in our name, “Vanguard”. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in sports science and training techniques. Our coaching staff is continuously evolving, attending workshops, and engaging in ongoing education to provide you with the most effective and innovative training methods.

-> Holistic Development: True excellence extends beyond the physical aspects of athletic training. We are committed to nurturing your mental resilience, emotional well-being, and sportsmanship. Our aim is to cultivate not just exceptional athletes but outstanding individuals who contribute positively to their supporters and the athletes around them.

-> Open Communication: Your success, is our success, we are a team. We foster a culture of open communication, where your feedback is not only valued but actively sought. This ensures that our coaching methods are responsive to your evolving needs, creating a dynamic partnership in pursuit of your goals.

-> Support Network: As part of the Vanguard Endurance family, you are never alone on your journey. Our coaching team, support network, and fellow athletes form a tight-knit community that rallies behind you during both your successes and your challenges.

By joining Vanguard Endurance as your coaching team, you are not just choosing a coaching program; you are embracing a commitment to excellence and performance. Your success is at the heart of our mission, and we are honored to be a part of your pathway.

What Makes Vanguard Endurance Different!

Custom Coaching

Custom Coaching and the support services that we provide below are designed to provide the best possible chances for your success. The difference in coaching fee structures reflects the time commitment required to give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals.

What most coaching companies will not tell you is that it takes the same amount of time to write an elite program as it does a beginner age group athlete program. Where the true difference comes in is in the time taken to monitor, analyze data and communicate with athletes in order to gather the information required to maximize results. Unfortunately, most coaches simply don’t have the level of knowledge and/or skills within their coaching teams to do this data analysis correctly. So, while most coaches will offer “elite level plans” most are in truth not capable of providing them.

It is for this reason that we only use coaches elite coaching experience, and with a USA Triathlon Level 2 Coaches, or equivalent National Governing Body (NGB) certification. This ensures that you are getting the full level of support and knowledge that you have selected.

Vanguard Endurance Team

Mastery Custom Coaching – $425 per/month

– The pinnacle of performance where athletes can expect to reach the peak of their capabilities. This tier involves the mastery of all aspects of performance at has high levels of coach and athlete input on an almost daily basis. This plan is designed for those with big goals, difficult planning needs and/or time restrictions. Sometimes you need it all and this plan is exactly that.

Excellence Custom Coaching – $375 per/month

– The intermediate level where athletes are looking for high levels of coach interaction, data analysis and metrics tracking. This is our most popular coaching level as it fits with the needs of most performance athletes and creates the best level of balance between performance, coach/athlete interaction and results.

Foundations Custom Coaching – $275 per/month

– The starting level focused on establishing a strong base of knowledge and skills. Regular weekly interaction with your coach to put you on the path to your full potential. This is the ideal plan for those looking to move into custom coaching and while you have clearly defined goals of what you want to achieve are still unsure of the level of coaching support and communication that will be required.

Video Analysis – Swimming – $150 per/session

– Video Analysis – This is essentially a bio-mechanical assessment of your swimming. This is traditionally done using both underwater, and above water footage but if required can be done with either alone if needed. The purpose of this is to create greater bio-mechanical efficiency in the water leading to increased speed while also decreasing the potential risks for injury.

Video Analysis – Running – $150 per/session

Video Analysis – In Running Analysis we are looking to get a clear picture of not just your biomechanics but also how your running form changes as you increase speed. These changes can allow us to prescribe running form corrections. It also allows us to identify which metrics within your running will yield the greatest areas for improvement. It also allows us to track changes in form over time.

Educational – Consultation –  $60 Per/Hour

– Consultations – $60 per/hour or $35 per/30min – These have traditionally been utilized by coaches looking to gain greater insights into their athletes and track a clearer pathway to performance gains. However, as we move forward we are now offering this to athletes as well as coaches who my be self-coached and just looking for advice. It may also be for athletes or coaches looking for clarity on their programs, data or any number of the areas that we specialize in.

Coaching Options Outside Vanguard Endurance

– While Vanguard Endurance is specifically designed for High Performance athletes we also realizes that while this may your long term goal it also may not be the ideal starting point for your athletic journey. It is for this reason that we work closely with other coaching company’s that either have been vetted for quality by us or alternatively have coaches who have been trained by our coaching education/mentorship team. If this may be of interest to you please follow the link for additional information on other companies we endorse.

Not your normal coaching Team

High Performance
Science base Coaching!

what They’re Saying

Athlete Testimonials

The team at Vanguard Endurance has been instrumental in shaping my triathlon journey thus far.

I came into the sport completely new to everything triathlon and have been supported every step of the way.

The personalized training plans, data driven coaching mentality, and supportive environment have pushed me to excellence and I know the journey has just begun!

Cammy Manes - Pro Triathlete - D1 Runner

I have had the privilege of being coached by Justin Trolle at Vanguard Endurance for the past 8 months. It has been a game-changer for my mountain biking.

Justin’s expertise in endurance sport coaching is unmatched, and his coaching style is a perfect balance of challenge and support. Under his guidance, I’ve seen significant improvements in my race strategy, physiology and overall performance.

What sets Vanguard Endurance Coaching apart is the personalized approach they take. Justin understands the unique demands of mountain biking and tailors training plans to my individual strengths and weaknesses. The results speak for themselves, and I am grateful for the invaluable insights and improvements I’ve gained through this partnership.

I wholeheartedly recommend Justin Trolle and Vanguard Endurance Coaching to any serious cyclist or endurance athlete looking to reach new heights.


Keegan Hale - Elite Mountain Biker

I started working with Justin and the team Vanguard Endurance at the end of January of 2022. I contacted him about joining the team and he told me to come and do a practice to try it out with the team, I had just got to Colorado and I remember how hard it was to breathe and how much my body hurt but what I remembered most was how much he made me feel apart of the team and it was just day one for me.

I knew from then on that I wanted him as my coach and that he could really help me achieve my goals. I wanted to be part of his team. As I began practicing more with the team I made new friendships/teammates to train with and started building a coach/athlete relationship with Justin.

Justin not only sees my potential but has helped realize that potential as well and helped me build a plan to achieve my goals, he is an amazing coach who sees me as a person first and athlete second which goes a long way. I can always count on him and the team to support me through blood, sweat, and tears this sport has.

Mathilde Bernard - Pro Triathlete - NCAA Triathlete