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Justin Trolle

WE All Have sporting Goals. So often what Separates us from Those goals is knowledge. Our Team has the experience, Expertise, and Proven Track Record to get the job done. If you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

Justin Trolle


Justin Trolle

Over the past 20 years, Justin has coached international athletes in New Zealand as well as here in the USA including Greg Billington, Brittany Warly, Sarah True, and more than a dozen others at Junior, U23, and Elite levels.

Justin graduated from University of Otago in NZ with degrees in both Exercise Sports Science as well as Marketing. He is qualified as a coach in Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling, and Running as individual disciplines through multiple countries and is currently one of only a select hand full of USA Triathlon Certified Level 3 Coaches here in the USA. In addition to his extensive Triathlon knowledge, Justin is also widely regarded as a leader in the areas of Training Plan Design, Youth and Junior Development, Coaching Education, as well as Video Analysis and its practical application.

In addition to his personal coaching programs, Justin was the recipient of The 2005 Prime Ministers Scholarship to study coaching education and systems throughout the world. He currently designs and delivers the Vanguard Mentorship Program in Colorado Springs as well as serves as a regular presenter for USA Triathlon Coaching Education Programs at all levels.

Some of the achievements of athletes under Justin guidance:

International Triathlon Union (ITU) Events
• ITU World Cup – End of Year Top 5 Overall
• ITU World Cup Podiums
• ITU Continental Cup Winner

Elite & Junior World Championship
• ITU Under 23 World Championships Top 10 finishes
• ITU Junior World Championships Podium
• Junior Duathlon World Champs Podium

National Championships
• USA Elite National Champs Podium
• USA Junior Elite Cup Winners
• USA Junior National Champions

• Top 10 Overall finisher
• Numerous Age Group winners
• More than 15 Kona qualifiers

• NZ National Pro Duathlon Champion
• NZ National Junior Triathlon Champion
• NZ National Junior Duathlon Champion
• Numerous AG National Champions

Xterra / Off Road Triathlon
• Xterra Female Winner
• Numerous Xterra Podium Finishes

Trail and Road Running 
• Pikes Peak Ascent Top 10 Female finisher
• Colorado Springs Classic 10K Podium

Justin’s Team Manager Roles

• Varlo Athlete Development Manager: 2021-current
• USA U23 Elite Team: 2008 & 2009
• USA Elite PATCO Team: 2008
• ITU World Cup Team Manger: Mexico 2009
• NZ Duathlon Elite Team Coach/Manager: 2005 & 2006
• USA Elite Development Camp Manager/Coach: 2008 & 2009
• Assistant Coach Mooloolaba ITU World Cup: 2003

• NZ SPARC 50K Prime Ministers Scholarship Award: 2005

“I have spent most of my life making athletes fitter, Faster and Stronger. WE all have goals both as athletes and as Coaches, Mine is simply to help you achieve yours and ones that follow.”

From the first day I started coaching I have been passionate about performance at the highest level. This doesn’t always mean working with elites, but rather getting the maximum amount of improvment out of someone in the shortest possible time with the least possible risks. Perfomance is about striving to do everything correctly, in order to gain maximum benifits. This goal and the process that drives it is the same regardless of who you are or the level you are at.

Training with Justin Trolle

Planned Programs

Semi- Custom Plan

Custom Coaching

Coach Mentorship

Sports Testing & Video Analysis

Athlete Testimonials

“I’m a nurse who worked 12 hour shifts and thought back pain, leg pain, and foot pain were just a part of life that came from the long shifts. Moving patients, lifting patients, and being tired all of the time are just nursing things. Then, I started working with Justin. He took my personal goals and assessed my weaknesses and began to train me to increase my strength to endure those long 12 hour shifts. After a few weeks, I noticed my back wasn’t hurting anymore when I got home. I wasn’t so tired all of the time.  A few more weeks later, the leg and foot pain decreased. What started out as wanting to get stronger for work turned into getting stronger for me and my confidence in myself grew tremendously. I started to wear leggings which I never have before because my legs looked and felt so strong! My arms have never looked the way they do now and I wore a tank top for the first time in my life a few days ago to workout. Overall, I feel healthier and better about myself. “

Erica Minner

Nurse (RN)

Working with Justin has brought me from a hard working talented multi sport athletes to an elite at the top of the national and international field.

His attention to detail and data keeps me constantly improving, while his flexibility allows for when life happens.

I am certain I wouldn’t be where I am today without his persistence and coaching. 

Jessica Davis

Pro Pentathlete

“Justin is an exceptional coach when it comes to creating an individually-based data driven training program for each athlete. He has helped me identify areas that need improvement and then implemented his sport science background to help me fill in the gaps. His training program has pushed my limits but has also raised my level. His communication is excellent as well as his ability to listen to his athletes and make adjustments to the plan last minute based off how I’m feeling.”

Brittany Warly

Pro Triathlete & Engineer