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We have fully designed plans for events from Super Sprint to Ironman starting at just $49 for full plans with Semi-Custom starting at $79 per month and Full Custom Plans beginning at $250 per month.

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VAnguard Endurance

When you train with us you are more than just an athlete you are part of something bigger. Our goal is not just to help you achieve you current goals but your future dreams as well. How do we achieve this? in addition to providing you with the best possible training plans, coaching and support we also work on improving your understanding of training and why we do what we do. This both helps you understand the training better but also helps you communicate your needs to us better. 

Elite Coach Mentoring

While we excel in almost every aspect of endurance coaching it is at the top end that we truly excel with performance based Age Group, Para and Elites athletes. We have over the past 20 years worked with athletes at the very pinnacle of endurance sport . It is though this experience that we now train the next generation of coaches both this those that work under our Vanguard Endurance banner as well as independent coaches from all over the country. We offer an extensive Mentorship Program for coaches moving from L1 all the way to L3 as well as a comprehensive selection of webinars.

Coach & Athlete Camps and Clinics

We run a selection of camps for athletes of all levels and abilities. When we are at home in Colorado Springs we work directly with the Pikes Peak Athletics Training Center. However in addition to our local altitude camps we also run camps around the country for both for athlete looking to develop their skills and have a lot of fun. As well as Coaches looking to develop and improve there practical and sports specific skills.

Coach mentorship

Despite the fact that coaching is often seen as a very social profession, it’s surprising how little coaches often interact with each other. I initially set up the Vanguard Endurance Mentorship program to help coaches learn faster, and progress upwards through the profession. However it has become more than that, its also about communication, community and sharing.

Educational Webinars

I have been involved in producing and delivering webinars for Triathlon for as long as the technology to do so has existed. The ease and importance of online learning in the form of webinars in today’s coaching environment has never been more relevant. We are all often short of time but webinars allow us to continue to develop our skills and knowledge base while having a minimal impact on our busy lives and coaching schedules. Check out our current live webinar selection of upcoming presentations as well as our per-recorded sessions.


“Justin is an exceptional coach when it comes to creating an individually-based data driven training program for each athlete. He has helped me identify areas that need improvement and then implemented his sport science background to help me fill in the gaps. His training program has pushed my limits but has also raised my level. His communication is excellent as well as his ability to listen to his athletes and make adjustments to the plan last minute based off how I’m feeling.”

Brittany Warly - Pro Triathlete

As a para athlete, finding a coach that understands my particular needs can be a very difficult task. Coach Justin has done an amazing job creating a training plan that not only fits my crazy schedule, but also fits my particular need. He adjusts my plans as my fitness improves and while I’m an above elbow amputee, he never sees me as disabled or challenged. He sees my potential, pushes my limits, and that motivates me to become the best athlete I can be.

Michael (Dreamchaser) Smith - Para-Triathlete