World Class High Performance Coaching

Vanguard Endurance

Lead by – International Elite Coach

– Justin Trolle


World Class Performance Coaching Lead By Justin Trolle

We are a High Performance Program that is dedicated to producing the very best possible results.

Our team includes Olympians, International Elite Triathletes and State and National Champions across multiple sports.

If you are looking to world class coaching you are in the right place.

We have been in the endurance sports industry for more than 30 years with the last 22 specializing in high performance coaching of Elite and Professional Athletes. Our primary focus is on developing the top 5% of your performance potential. If you have been in the sport for a while and are struggling to take the next set forward or have podium or professional aspirations we are likely the right choice for you.

Over the past 20 years we have coached more than 20 International Elite/Pro Athletes. With more than 10 Elite National Titles at Junior, U23 and Elite levels as well as numerous international elite titles and podiums across multiple sports and competition distances. When it comes to success at the highest level very companies within the endurance community can match what we have achieved. Your success can be next.

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High Performance Programs & Data Analysis

Our coaching team has decades of experence in advanced program develpment and training data analysis. In addition to the work being done with our Elite/Pro team our coaches regually present nationally on the topics of Advanced Training Plan Design, Video Athletes, Applied Biomechanics & Performance Athlete Development Pathways. We live and breath high performance coaching.

International Elite Coaching Team

Performance Coaching is central to who we are and how we opporate on a daily basis. We have over the past 22 years worked with International Elite Athletes. Our team of coaches are some of the most experences endrance sports coaches anywhere in the world. Vanguard Endurance currently runs the largest triathlon mentorship program in the USA. In the past 15 years we have mentored more than 25% of the current level 2 coaches and more than 50% of Level 3 coaches operating in the USA.

Video Analysis & Bio-Mechanical Assessment

As important to performance and the physiological side is bio-mechanics. Regardless of fitness, if you have limitations in your technique you open yourself up for poor performances as well as the potential for injuries. We specialize in bio-mechanical assessment for both Swimming & Running. In addition to the work we do directly with athletes we also teach these topics nationally to new and aspiring coaches. Bio-mechanics is a critical component of the work we do in order to help you succeed at the highest level.

Elite Team Performance

Program & Plans


Elite / Pro Programs, Training & Daily Training Environment


Elite Development - Junior, NCAA & National Development Level


Performance Age Group - Podium Focused


Pentathlon & Multi-Discipline Specialization

Going Above & Beyond

Science based Coaching!
WE do Performance!

Our Training Options

Custom Coaching Programs

There has been a lot of hype in the media and within coaching circles over the past 18 months regarding the use of AI as a tool for the creation of programs. None of our programs are developed using AI. The reason for this at a performance level is simple. If you are looking for the last 3-5 percent of your performance potential, your goals are not typical, your dreams are not mediocre, and you are anything but a normal athlete.

AI works based on normal; it tabulates data from the world and plays to the averages. We have no interest in being average or in you having mediocre results. We build all programs from scratch based on decades of elite level coaching experience and our results reflect this. Come race day your results should reflect our approach and attention to detail as well as your hard work and commitment to the process. We are a team, and your results reflect as heavily on us as they do on you, meaning we are as invested in your success as you are.

When you sign up for our Custom Coaching Programs you get real high-performance coaches. These coaches are only accepted on to our team once they reach the top 10 % of coaches nationally as recognized by the national governing body. They build your program from scratch based on your stated goal. They then follow, monitor, and adjust your plan based on the data to ensure you are on track and capable of achieving your goals!

Our Team, Coaching System and Support is second to none!

Contact us today to set up a free consultation with one of our elite coaches and see if you and what you are trying to achieve would be a good fit for our elite coaching team and support system.

Mastery Plans

The pinnacle of performance where athletes can expect to reach the peak of their capabilities. This tier involves the mastery of all aspects of performance at has high levels of coach and athlete input on an almost daily basis. This plan is designed for those with big goals, difficult planning needs and/or time restrictions. Sometimes you need it all and this plan is exactly that.

Excellence Plans

The intermediate level where athletes are looking for high levels of coach interaction, data analysis and metrics tracking. This is our most popular coaching level as it fits with the needs of most performance athletes and creates the best level of balance between performance, coach/athlete interaction and results.

Foundation Plan

The starting level focused on establishing a strong base of knowledge and skills. Regular weekly interaction with your coach to put you on the path to your full potential. This is the ideal plan for those looking to move into custom coaching and while you have clearly defined goals of what you want to achieve are still unsure of the level of coaching support and communication that will be required.

What They’re Saying

Athlete Testimonials

When looking for a coach and a team around you, finding someone who sees the potential in the future you is critical.

With vanguard endurance I have found that. By accounting for the physical and emotional components of training I have consistently been able to improve over the years with them.

With Coach Justin’s constant guidance and understanding he has taken me from a strong athlete with potential to an Olympic qualifier.

Jessica Davis - Olympic Pentathlete

I have had the remarkable opportunity to work with Justin from Vanguard Endurance! It has been a life changing experience!

Justin embodies all the characteristics that any athlete would dream of having in a coach.

He understands the sport inside and out, he is a sponge for knowledge and has an incredible passion for sharing that knowledge to educate not only his athletes but other coaches as well.

Justin is highly energized and a great motivator. He challenges me everyday to perform at a higher level! I would not be where I am today, without Justin!

Not only is Justin one of the best coaches I have ever had in my athletic career, but the way in which he builds his team is inspiring.

Our team of athletes are like my extended family and there isn’t a day that goes by that I feel alone on this journey!

I am so incredibly grateful for Justin and I would highly recommend the Vanguard Endurance coaching team to anyone wanting to perform at the next level!

Jenna Gould - Elite AG Triathlete

I am truly grateful for the incredible support from the Vanguard Endurance team.

Their personalized approach and expert guidance have been a game-changer for my performance.

The attention to detail and genuine passion of the coaches makes it more than just training – it is honestly a partnership that is focused on allowing me to reach my full potential.

Jacob Burgener - Pro Triathlete

Pricing Plans

Our pricing is based on enabling our team to provide the best possible coaching at the level you would expect from a world class program designed for performance athletes. We do not use AI for Program Design or Delivery of our services and our Vanguard Endurance coaching team are in the to 10% of coaches nationally as recognized by their Level 2 USA Triathlon or above certification and elite/pro athlete coaching experience. 

“Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.”

– Robert Collier

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Quick View – Options

Here is a quick view of our training options, prices and what each provides at a glance. For more information click on the like provided or reach out to us directly.

Mastery Coaching


Fully Custom Annual Plan - (No AI Assist)


Monitored Daily & Weekly Training Sessions


Regular Coach Interaction as needed


Daily Data Analysis & Goal Setting


Bio-Mechanical & Video Analysis - As Needed

Excellence Coaching


Fully Custom Annual Plan - (No AI Assist)


Monitored Daily & Weekly Training Sessions


Twice Weekly Coach Interaction as needed


Weekly Data Analysis & Goal Setting


Bio-Mechanical & Video Analysis - Every 3 Months

Foundation Coaching


Fully Custom Annual Plan - (No AI Assist)


Monitored Daily & Weekly Training Sessions


Weekly Coach Interaction as needed


Twice Monthly Data Analysis & Goal Setting


Bio-Mechanical & Video Analysis - Twice Per Year

Swim or Run Video Analysis


Video Based Corrective Voiceover


Written Corrective Report + Images


Ongoing Corrective Follow-Ups (Available)


One to One Corrective Coaching (Available)


Strength & Conditioning - Creating Bio-Mechanical balance (Available)

Consult – per/hour


Free - 30min Athlete Training Consultation


60 Minute Consultation $75


60 Minute Follow Up Consultations $60


30 Minute Consultations $40


30 Minute Follow Up Consultations $35