Mastery Custom Programs

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Daily & Weekly Monitored Training

Regular Coach Interaction

Daily Data Analysis

Coach Driven Benchmark & Goal Setting

Bio-Mechanical  & Video Assessment РAs required

And So Much More!!!

Mastery Custom Coaching

Embarking on the pinnacle of performance goals, athletes aspire to attain the absolute peak of their perforamnce capabilities. Our Mastery package introduces a tier of training and support for athletes that transcends conventional training paradigms. This elite level represents the epitome of mastery, where every facet of performance is meticulously honed through a synergy of unparalleled coach expertise, data analysis and relentless athlete commitment.

This tier entails an unprecedented level of daily interaction between coach and athlete. The collaborative effort is not just a sporadic occurrence but a consistent and integral part of the training journey.

The level of engagement is a testament to the dedication of Vanguard Endurance and our caoching team to ensure that athletes are not merely coached but undergo a transformative experience.

Tailored for individuals with ambitious goals, intricate planning needs, or time constraints, this plan is designed for those who demand excellence. It goes beyond a standard training regimen, recognizing the multifaceted challenges that high performance athletes encounter. The comprehensive approach is designed to unleash your full potential.

In essence, this plan epitomizes the ethos of Vanguard Endurance, encapsulating the philosophy that sometimes, to achieve greatness, you need it all. It is a comprehensive, all-encompassing strategy, meticulously crafted by the very best coaches in the sport to propel athletes toward their dreams.

In the pursuit of extraordinary goals, this plan is not just an option; it is the only way forward.

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– When you sign up for coaching, please also contact us directly either via email or txt. It is likely you will have already had your first consultation call with us.

If this is not the case it will allow us to begin setting things up for you immediately.

Our goal is to have your long- and short-term plans set up ready to go within 7 days. While also having a structure in place for communication, testing and performance tracking.

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