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Nutrition Guidance and Support


I take a look at your entire life, when you train, what you do for training, what you like to eat, when you eat, how much you eat...the more I know about you and your lifestyle the better. I really believe in a complete wellness program. If I just throw a generic calorie number at you that won't help you reach your goals.

Instead I try to help you create a healthier lifestyle, something you can maintain the rest of your life. I don't tell you what to eat every day. I generally build a full week of meals based on foods you already eat, modifying them to be healthier when needed and I teach you based on a dietary exchange method what a serving of each food group is, options in that food group and how many serving you should eat per meal per day. I don't want you to need me long term. Just in the beginning stage.


Before our initial consultation I need a 24hr food log and I have you fill out my initial questionnaire. After I have all that and I have chatted with you to get all the extra details it takes 2-3 days to build your plan, and then we will have another call or Skype where I will go over everything with you. After that I have you send me a food log every Wednesday and Saturday so I can check on your progress. See how you feel, energy, sleep, sports performance, and overall wellness. I am available by email or text for the full time. At the end I will have a final consultation with you to evaluate the results, and give any final recommendations.


I offer two weeks because some people just want a plan and go off on their own. I recommend 6 weeks because it generally takes about 4 weeks for you to notice any changes in your health/appearance and 8 weeks for others to notice, so 6 weeks having my support and advice sets you up to better continue with your new healthier lifestyle.
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Nutritional Guidance