Do Less!- The Discussion about “Less is More” Triathlon style

Welcome to the newest edition of “The Blog” by Nick Vandermolen. In this blog I am going to shed some light on the “Less is More” concept in regards to full time triathlon training. But, since I am still new to blogging as well as triathlon (Only been full time for a year now!) I still love bringing the college swim memories of old back into the mix! Whenever I get the opportunity to bring the Marist Swim and Dive family into the picture I take full advantage! Fear Not! Eventually I will make the full transition into more triathlon related blogs but it is not this day!

(Some Marist swim legends right here!

3 Nicks and Brendan “Lok Dawg” Mccarthy! Circa 2014)

Ever since my college swimming days I have “died” in practice. To this day I still die in practices (all the time!) To translate, when I refer to dying in practice, I mean that I would push my body so hard in and out of the water. Because of this, I would be so tired and broken down in practice that I would get passed by people in my lane who clearly were not faster (sorry girls!) but would kick my butt because my body was obliterated! I died so often in practice with my teammates that my lane in college gave ourselves the nickname of “the graveyard”. A lane that worked the hardest and pushed the limits with the best positive attitudes that we would ultimately all have practices where we “died” (me more often than others). The running joke when you could tell someone was dead in the water, would be that they were digging their grave in the graveyard (get the shovel!).

(The “original” Graveyard Crew!

Throwing down, Having a blast, and winning!

Power lane baby!

Myself on the far left)

The main reason I died so hard in practice was due to the fact that I would push my body to the extreme in the weight room, in dryland, in every aspect, that when I hit the pool I would sink like a brick. I try to never get down on myself after a practice because I know that I have given the workout everything that I have on the day. Because of that I am still happy (even when the workout goes south quick!).With swimming being a somewhat non injury prone sport, I knew that I could destroy my body and do whatever it took to swim fast and EVENTUALLY (not often!) when the rest and taper kicked in all the hard broken boned work would pay off in big dividends. I was arguably one of the most different in season swimmers, to shaved and tapered swimmers, and I knew it. It didn’t matter if I swam slow in season because I knew my body wasn’t ready, but when the time was right I was a whole different swimmer (a shaved down beast!).

 (Getting ready to throw down!

Strong and confident! Showtime! )

Transition this “Do More” mentality into the world of triathlon and you’re in trouble. I am finally beginning to realize that in this sport, if you do more, its going to break you (injury wise). Running specifically is a complicated sport. If you over do it a tiny bit, you will be icing for days and popping motrins like skittles (I know from experience dudeee). I now understand that when it comes to easy days, you TAKE AND ENJOY YOUR EASY DAYS! The reason being, that the hard day the next day is going to hurt…a lot. Each run has a purpose, even the easy runs, and if you overdo it 1. you’re going to hurt yourself and 2. the fast day may not be as fast because you didn’t take it easy! This concept is referred to as training “in the grey”. If you go fast on the easy days you’ll be more tired and will not realize your potential on the hard days (unless you are a freak!). So for me, I thoroughly enjoy those easy runs and rides, and get mentally prepared for the butt kicking that has my name on it in the future. In retrospect, if you train smart (well smarter than most) and do what your told, it will pay off in the long run. Therefore, less really is MORE (Science is crazy I know!).

(Runnin and Gunnin in Cuba!

Hang on in the heat!!)

As always, let me know what you think of the blog and everything I am doing. Love to hear the feedback (positive or negative I can take it) as well as catch up with anyone and everyone! Hope you guys enjoy reading it! I enjoy writing it! And if I happen to double post a paragraph, it doesn’t insult me when you tell me…so tell me!


All the best!


 Peace, Love, and Handlebar Mustaches,

Nick Vandermolen

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