Vanguard Endurance Coaching Team

Justin Trolle - Pres. Vanguard Endurance

  • International Elite Coach

Justin has over the past 20 years he has coached International elite athletes and performance focused Age Group athletes both in New Zealand as well as here in the USA including, Greg Billington, Erin Jones and Sarah True. Justin is also a regular presenter both Nationally and Internationally in the areas of Advanced Training Plan Design, Youth & Junior Development and Video Analysis & Biomechanics - More info...Click here

Alex Libin - Development Coach & Professional Triathlete

- National & International Performance Coach

Alex is a graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.S. in Human Physiology. He has worked with a wide variety of athletes, from 60+ year old master’s athletes to Elite Junior athletes preparing for the World Championship. Alex is also a professional triathlete himself and applies his unique sports knowledge to help his athletes achieve their best. Alex's attention to detail and love of data analysis makes him an idea coaching choice for those of you who are numbers focused and performance driven. More info... Click here

Zara Guinard - Development Coach & Professional Triathlete

- National Level Development Coach & Professional Triathlete

For Zara the goal of being 100% in control of your own destiny has always appealed. The more effort you put in the more you get out. However if you are new to a sport there is always so much to learn and sometimes its easy to get lost or feel like you are going around in circles. With a background in Nutrition and a passion for the sport Zara is the idea development coach if your looking to get started racing and training. More info... Click here