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Custom Coaching

Custom Coaching is always the best way to get to your full potential in the shortest possible time, with the lowest possible risks of injury or overdoing it. The reason for this is in the name “Custom,” the plan is designed for you, and in direct consultation with you in order to fit around your life. It is designed to facilitate the maximum amount of training adhearance with constent oversite from the watchful eye of your coach.

Custom packages are designed around your needs not arbutary levels created for the masses. After all it’s designed to be customised to YOU!

Semi-Custom Plans

Not everyone needs to go to a full custom level. If you are looking for a world class program that you do not expect to require alot fo modification as you progress though it, then this is likely the best way to go.

Our Semi-Custom Plans are different from custom plans in that while they are set up. While they are still built in direct consultition with your coach and adjusted to fit around your life, they dont require the same levels of tracking once you start the program. This means less workload for the coach and a more affordable program for you.

Additional Consultations are avaiable with your coach, if you need them as you move through your program.

Pre-Planned Programs

Pre-Planned training programs are a very cost effective way to get started and can be purchaces via our Training Peaks page and are avaiable immediately apon purchace.

There are plans desiged for all levels of athlete and for all distances and types of racing. Each Plan also comes with additional downloadable support materials that will help you tailor the plan to your needs and understand how to get the most of the program.

In addition to the plan if you need to get additional support on top you can always purchace additional consultation time with the caoch that wrote the program in order to ask questions and/or have it adjusted to your specific needs.


Consulting is always available when you feel you need it. For Custom Coaching and Semi-Custom Programs most consultation sessions are included.

However some times you may need a little more help with your Pre-planned Program due to life changes that may have forced you to need adjustments. Or you may be a coach that needs assistance in a particular area of expertise that you are unsure of.

When it comes to support, regardless of wether you are a coach or an athlete we have the knowledge and experence to assist you.