About Us

Vanguard Endurance (V-Endurance, VE) was created with a simple goal in mind of assisting athletes and coaches to achieve the highest level of performance excellence within Endurance Sport.

What makes us different from other coaching programs around the country is that we were created with underlying principle that if you are the best at what you do then success will come naturally as a result. What started as a joke between our athletes quickly became out catch phrase.

“We don’t do PC we do performance”

Many programs in the USA at the current time are built on perception and a creative marketing plan. They have little substance or quality within their systems or structures to help athletes achieve their goals and their focus is always on money first. We understand that money is important but if it is the primary focus then you’re not being true to what it really means to be a coach. We believe that if you focus on performance and being the best possible coach you can be then you will be you successful and respected by your peers.

When athletes come to us to help them achieve their goals, we want to ensure them our coaches have the ability to get them there and that our programs are not built on a sales pitch. Our goal is to ensure that when an athlete comes to Vanguard Endurance, regardless of fitness level, our coaches have the ability to take them to the next level and beyond. We are a recognized leader nationally in coaching education and at present run one of the largest coaches education programs within triathlon here in the USA.

The underlying principle of Vanguard Endurance is that we never want an athlete to finish their career and look back and say “I wonder what could’ve been if I’d just had better support”. The definition of Vanguard is “The foremost position in an advance or movement”. It is our goal that we lead the way in coaching education, athlete development and continue our position as world leader so that every coach in our program is seen as world class within the Endurance community and that every athlete we work with is proud of their performances.

All of Vanguard Endurance program, camps, clinics and mentoring programs are delivered with these “Client-First” principles in mind.

Justin Trolle – President

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