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This will be my 27th year working as a professional coach. Within those years more than 20 have been working with world class elite athletes and more than 15 with helping in the education of coaches.

I more than most understand how hard it it can be to climb the ladder, both as an Athlete and/or as a Coach. If you have questions, I likely have the answers for you. If I don’t have the answers then I definitely know where to find those answers.

I always enjoy talking with those who share my love of endurance sport so if you need to talk about your goals as a coach or as and athlete, or simply have questions.

Feel free to reach out to me at justin@v-tri.com and if for some reason I don’t get back to you within 24 hours please txt me on (719) 352 7824

Justin Trolle


USA Triathlon Level 3 Coach

International Elite Coach

Professional Coach Educator.